Wonderful Things to Do in Union, South Carolina

When planning a trip to a new location, it is always a great idea to learn about the great sights to see and landmarks to visit when at your vacation destination. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the wonderful things to do in Union, South Carolina for those who are stopping by the city.

1. Union County Museum

The first wonderful thing to do in Union, South Carolina? Visit the Union County Museum! This is a museum that brings the past to you and honors the history and culture that the city is steeped in. Union has stood since before the Revolutionary War and survived the Civil War. Therefore, the Union County Museum is one that has much to offer those who are interested in learning more about its past.

2. Veterans Memorial Park

Another excellent thing to do? Visit Veterans Memorial Park in Union, South Carolina. Featured is a tennis court for those who enjoy playing the game together as a family, and for those who are playing alone, a tennis wall is available as well. Clean restrooms are on the property, as well as shaded bench areas for those who want to sit and rest after exerting themselves through exercise or simply watch their children at play. A baseball field and basketball court are available, as are two playgrounds for little ones who want to soak in the sun while enjoying the park with their family.

3. Piedmont Physic Garden

And speaking of the great outdoors, another wonderful thing to do while in the city of Union, South Carolina is to visit the Piedmont Physic Garden. This location is fantastic for those who want to stroll through nature and enjoy stopping and smelling the roses. Literally!

Piedmont Physic Garden is non-profit, and those who visit can view gorgeous plants that have historical significance or are even used in medicinal ways to this day. Check to see if there are any events or educational opportunities you can take advantage of while you are in Union.

In conclusion, Union, South Carolina offers many wonderful things to do to visitors and residents alike. We by no means covered all in this article. But if you find yourself in the city we highly recommend that you stop and see the locations that we have mentioned here. You won’t regret it!